The subject chosen at the TTC Rot-Gold Cologne on the 6th December 2016,  the “Three Planes of Movement” understanding and application of this special awareness.


To welcome the legend Luca Barricchi, the National Dance Service Centre opened up all their ballrooms and offered 600sqm of dance floor for 54 participants.  All participants were  able to witness Luca Baricchi and his fiance Daria Shevelilova demonstrate the subjects covered in the lecture, with beauty, quality and sophistication.


Dal sapere al conoscere.

12noon in Cologne. Slow Foxtrot music is playing.

Music fills the huge ballroom. Some dancers use the floor to warm up, others collect themselves in small groups filled with expectation. Participants are from Cologne, Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Ludwigshafen, Berlin, Netherlands and Moscow.

Three minutes past twelve and the room falls silent. The legendery Luca Baricchi enters the room. Thunderous applause erupts and Luca thanks them timidly for the fabulous welcome.

First Luca explains how his workshops are planned, then he introduces the first subject – theoretically by the use of slides.  He encourages the students to use the documents they have been given to make notes.  He conveys rational factual knowledge, which in Italian means “sapere”.

Next the voyage of discovery starts.  Step by step Luca transform theory into life, demonstrating each part with Daria.  An hour later, facts and practical demonstrations merge into movement.  Movement in way that this multiple World Champion is famous for.



Dancers spread out onto the floor.  Factual knowledge converts into experience “dal apere al conoscere” as the Italian says.


Trying – Doing – Being: The Journey of Evolution.

All dancers used the first break to exchange thoughts and new ideas, have some snacks and refresh themselves in time for the next session. The organising team of Michael Schulter and Dagmar Sieberichs provided refreshments for the couples including belgian pastries and belgian chocolate, however, the couples were far more interested in what was coming next with Luca and Daria.



All participants have returned to the floor. First bars of Autumn Leaves plays in the background.  The dancers form a large circle around Luca and Daria.

Luca and Daria perform a basic slow foxtrot sequence which will serve as an exercise during the workshop.

It seems like Luca and Daria could hold time and space.  They showed everything that modern Ballroom Dancing needs: balance, sway, huge pictures and never ending movement. Thunderous applause follows.


The participants are asking themselves how could they replicate Luca and Daria.  Luca points to the first part of the day and reminds the dancers that they already have the necessary knowledge.  Now it is a matter of trying it.  To do so basic routines are best suited.


Baricchi continued: The proficient coach demonstrates individual steps on the way to perfection. He encourages everybody to discover these stages and to experience them as an adventure.

At the end of the second section, knoweldge has changed into dance experience. Luca ended this session by annoucing an assessment that will be held in the third session. This will give every couple an idea of their actual skill level in order to reach the final goal of evolution – to become one with the dance or like Baricchi expresses it: “Be the dance”


Imagine – Perceive – Become.

The second break starts with farewell photos organised by Dorte Lange. The snacks of healthy fruits and sweets do not entice the dancers away from the spacious dance floor of the TTC Rot- Gold. Many couples are preparing for their assessment.



The music falls silent again. Dancers gather around Luca to find out how the last part of the workshop will be held.

Luca makes each couple perform for 1 minute.  Whilst observing how the couple is presenting the three planes of movement.  Daria watches the musical interpretation.  At the end of each performance each dancer receives an immediate assessment to the subject.  The enthusiastic spectators around the edge of the ballroom applaud frantically and they learn how movement sequences can be recognised in a couple.


Luca Baricchi thanked all the participants for a cordial reception.  The workshop ended to thundersous applause and Luca and Daria’s promise to come back to Cologne on the 18th and 19th March 2017.

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