Master Education

Masters Certifications

From dance teacher to Master of Movement and Art.
Nurturing, Inspiring and Empowering expands to teachers education too.
We believe teachers have an enormous responsibility in guiding the evolution of students and in our Institute we take teaching very serious as we understand the power of influence and we are pleased to share the knowledge and know-how with teachers interested in developing their abilities.
As we know the ability of doing does not go hand into hand with the ability of sharing.
Our great experience and studies educates teaches in great knowledge and in detailed know-how of sharing information efficiently through the Baricchi Method.
The Baricchi Method is an approach developed through over 40 years of experience and studies which expand in infinte researches and discoveries based on the individuality of each human being.
Our Master Certifications guides teachers through the transition from dance teacher to Master of Movement and Art

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