Tomomi Iezumi

Tomomi Iezumi

Tomomi Iezumi was born in Aomori, Japan. She began her Ballroom Dance career at the age of 18 in her hometown. During her childhood she experienced various arts as Ballet, Gymnastics etc.
From her first dance lesson experience she had in her life, Tomomi understood Ballroom Dancing was her passion and vocation.

After a while Tomomi decided to move to Tokyo to continue her study and devote herself to the art of Dance. Immediately after her relocation she partnered with a young dancer from Tochigi, Japan and together they started their professional career.

Due to the big number of dancers in Japan, the professional field is structured in classes:
E, D, C, B, A. Their evolution was so impressive, it took them only five years to reach the highest level of professionals, this fast progression is rarely achieved.

During her amazing career she archived the following results:
Grand finalist in JBDF from 2000 to 2009
Grand finalist in JNCPD from 2004 to 2008
5th place UK Rising Star Ballroom Professional Championships 1999.
13 times Show dance Japanese Grand finalist, which is the highest record in Japan
(this record remains unchallenged)
Winner of All Kanto Championship
Winner of Tokyo Dance Championship
Winner of many more..
After an enormous successful career she took a decision to retire from competitions in 2009.

Tomomi’s sensitivity guided her to always search for natural and pure movement, something she struggled to find as many questions and difficulties could not be answered until she was introduced to the Baricchi Method.
This method deeply amazed her, finally she could find the answers to the many questions and start her pursuit for natural and pure movement.
Soon after the introduction to Baricchi Method, Tomomi with her partner started to constantly follow Mr Baricchi’s workshops, lectures and personal development lessons by literally following Mr Baricchi in every country and location he was sharing his knowledge and insight on the Art of Movement.

Tomomi continues to develop her knowledge and skills as a Master of Movement of the Baricchi Method by continuing her studies within the Institute, Tomomi believes Movement is endless, Art is endless and therefore learning and discovering is endless too.

Tomomi has a strong yet humble personality although she is very important part of the Institute being the principal Master teacher at Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art in Japan.
Everyday she is passionately guiding, nurturing and inspiring her students to become great dancers and exponents of the Baricchi Method.

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